Through my sorrowful eyes all I could see was a derelict city consumed by war. The ravenous cry of the malevolent guns propelled through my trembling soul. Moscow was forever captivated by war. The streets were strewn with menacing bomb craters that stole many innocent lives.This was my sanctuary where I was raised and now all the city contains is shattered and crumbled buildings. Rage penetrated through me as I glanced at a dominant solider standing with power,rubbing in the fact that he had the ability to kill any innocent living creature. He had the power to take anything.   hated how he held his icy metal gun with  pride. That gun was nothing a horrid thief.  With just with one shot on his demented gun that murder could take anyones life. I loathe what war can do to a city once filled with joy.

Simply by entering the drab walls of Moscow your Joy will instantly be sucked up by the despised black hole containing War. As I dodged the deadly bullets, I noticed a deserted  park with children held captive physically by a barbed wire fence and emotionally by fear.  Terror was planted in their eyes as they slowly fell. They were falling from the hateful bullets that ripped them apart. I knelt on the ground overwhelmed with sorrow, Acid tears ran down my cheeks burning my skin. A splitting sound of a gun punctuated the air. I needed to leave. I hastily got up and started to pound my feet on the torn up streets. I was sprinting for my life yet I no longer cared.

I stopped studly jolting my body. I stood there shaking and waiting. Waiting to leave this Warfield.  I felt a thrilling bullet go through my ear causing pain to consume of body. Through my blurred vision I took one last glance at the city cultured with death. I tasted the bittersweet essence of blood as I hit the ground. I saw an intense figure motioning for me to follow. An irresistible urge pushed me to run after the shimmering goddess. The pain ended and all of a sudden I was being lifted. Bright lights confronted my vision. I started floating, gaining meters of height, soaring up into my soul on a journey to the unknown.

A never-ending tunnel filled with trillions of radiant stars came into sight. A powerful tug pulled me inside, I was drifting through the stunning stars. In each star I saw a memory from my life, each memory was so real. Some of the memory’s tormented me making anger bubble up inside me, yet most of them made warmth shoot through me. I felt the lush and velvety grass beneath my bare feet. My sides ached from the joyous tingle of laughter. I looked around me. The field in which I was playing with my friends was surrounded by elegant blossom trees in full bloom.  The streets were filled with vibrant citizens and proud buildings standing tall. I remember the glow of happiness I portrayed as a child. I wanted to stay in this joyful memory forever yet I felt myself being pulled away by a forceful power.

As I drifted deeper inside my Soul, I saw beyond the memories to the emotions locked up for years. The emotions were contained in colorful spheres filled with a mess of pent-up sensations. I decided to dive into one of those tempting yet frightening spheres, A flaming sensation whizzed through me and millions of emotions came flooding back, making my soul sting. The familiar feeling of anguish was experienced again.  Red hot sparks of anger were dancing off the isolating walls of the blazing spear. I shot through the walls and again was surrounded by exceeding emotions. I saw a golden spear sparkling calling for me. I was sucked inside it. Happiness tingled through me. Around me my vision contained bright golden rays of glorious light. The walls of the spear were a  happy shade of gold and extremely vivid. A familiar buzz rung through me and I felt at ease with the world. Joy was sizzling up inside me and I felt overwhelmed with peace.

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